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  • NOTE: These are not the official town minutes.  These are from a Plainsman Herald reporter assigned to cover the meeting as service to the community and were published in our weekly paper.  For official town minutes a request must be made to the Town of Springfield.  Feb 10, 2022 The Springfield Town council regular meeting […]

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  • Editor’s Note: Consistent readers of the Herald will already be aware of many of these facts. We have compiled the following article, as well as extracted the Town Council minutes from the past several months for the benefit and education of those who have not consistently read the previously published minutes. Contemporary news often spreads via […]

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  • As the local election cycle heats up this year, the Plainsman Herald is offering up space for voters to ask questions and local candidates to respond. The key races are for Baca County Commissioners’ offices and Springfield City offices. The Purpose of Local Government: Some might add a few details or changes to this definition, […]

  • Hi all,   We have had several questions recently about what we are working on, so thought it might be useful to drop a note about some of our upcoming research and our approach to content for 2022.  We have had three primary places we push historical content: the print edition of the Plainsman Herald, BacaCountyHistory […]

  • This past week, Baca County winds brought reminders of  the 1930’s dust bowl.  Excessive and damaging winds caused many comments about the 1930s Dust Bowl,an event that colors the worldview of Baca Countians, even to the present. More than once the comment was heard, “I have never seen a wind like this, even in Baca […]

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  • The annual trek to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving has always carried a bit of risk. The trip itself, the political conversations, rooting for the wrong football team and maybe the potential for undercooked turkey are the risks of the modern world. COVID for the past couple of years has brought an additional concern for some. […]

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  •      In 1991 an extreme cold front moved through the plains killing elm trees in southeast Colorado, western Kansas, New Mexico and into the panhandle of Texas/Oklahoma. The devastating freeze practically annihilated the Elm. Through the efforts of the Colorado State Forest Service, Springfield and area towns were able to replant trees in their […]

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  • It’s always fun for the Herald to catch up with Schroder Ag. This week we are pulling together notes on our recent conversation with Rafe Schroder of the Schroder Ag crew.  Rafe tells us, “This past year we grew a circle of potatoes. Five (5) different varieties. I’m not sure when the last time taters […]

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  • Greetings

    With this issue, the only newspaper for many years in Baca County passes in control from the previous proprietor to the undersigned. The Herald is among the first newspapers published in the east end of what was Las Animas County beginning its weekly news foray under the “Springfield Herald” moniker in 1887.  The Herald as […]

  • With your account on you have instant access to our library of previous issues. To log in, first click on MY ACCOUNT. If you have an a subscription, type in your username (firstname.lastname) and password. If you do not know your password, click “Lost your password”. If you do not have an a subscription […]

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