Baca County History: Upcoming in 2022

Hi all,  

We have had several questions recently about what we are working on, so thought it might be useful to drop a note about some of our upcoming research and our approach to content for 2022.  We have had three primary places we push historical content: the print edition of the Plainsman Herald, BacaCountyHistory dot com, and via these social media channels where you are likely seeing this.  

The print edition format will continue much as it has the last couple of years.  We will have new and interesting Baca County History content nearly every week. The content on will remain FREE with ads from our sponsors as well as information promoting our books.  As there is a cost associated with continuing to push out new content we will provide the opportunity to donate to help pay for all the things related to hosting, researching and compiling content, and maintaining this site.  

We also now have the PlainsmanHerald dot com where we will be pushing out exclusive content, such as an E-Edition of the paper, and where we will begin publishing historical content we have previously published in the Plainsman Herald. The content in the the aforementioned sentence will be behind our paywall (i.e. you will need a subscription) as we decided it wasn’t fair to those who have supported the print edition to suddenly release this content for free.  NOTE: If you have a print subscription, it includes access to online content but you have to request access at Plainsman There is now also an online only subscription available. 

So what is coming up? In general we do Cowboys, Dirt and Brooms, three major Baca themes. We are becoming more aggressive in compiling a Dust Bowl Book that focuses on the 1930s Baca County Experience. As we are put resources toward this we will be asking for your input, artifacts and stories. We are also going to do a series on some of Sam Konkel’s writing in the print and E-Editions of the Plainsman Herald. To access most of this content you will need a subscription.  

As a final note on our content strategy, we are running three web sites/blogs., and  The first two we have mentioned, but the third will be focused on our books and will be a place where you can get signed book copies and possibly other merchandise such as our Boomtown T Shirts. If you go to any of these sites you will see something much different than in the past.  We have streamline these sites in order speed up your load time and enhance your experience. 

I hope this answers a few of your questions about what we are upto.  Thanks for all of your support in these endeavors. 

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