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Honey Roasted Peanuts and Grandmas

On Sunday afternoon, after attending church, I made a trek down to my local Neighborhood Wal-Mart to get some vittles for the next week. Usually, this is done without much fanfare.

Occasionally, there are folks sitting outside on the fringes of Wally World, as I have affectionally renamed this place. Most of them are holding a cardboard sign saying they need some money or want some help. That’s OK. I have a soft spot for the homeless because I can’t imagine what they have gone through to get to a place like this. I won’t give them money. But I will buy them food, if they need it. This is my way of sorting through the needers and the takers.

I guess I should circle back around to where this story began. My Neighborhood Wal-Mart on Sunday afternoon. By the way, I am not looking for a “gold star” if you keep reading. I am just asking that you be sensitive to the Holy Spirit if you know Jesus. Sometimes He asks you to do something that will bless others and when you do, He will really bless you.

When I approached the entrance to Wally World, I saw this young Boy Scout selling his wares outside. He was being shepherded by his dad and mom. He was a very cute little tike and his younger sister was there too trying to help him, but it was obvious she was getting bored. I knew what this little guy was selling. Popcorn. Now I love popcorn. But the Boy Scouts can’t even touch the popcorn that my mom makes. And I have gotten pretty good at it myself.

After I left Wally World with my shopping cart and started heading to my truck, I did a sharp 180 degrees turn that would make anyone’s head spin and headed back to the front door.

I went to the Boy Scout. He gave me his sales pitch on the popcorn. And his dad was coaching him. The Boy Scout could probably tell he wasn’t getting anywhere with me and said, “We have some Honey Roasted Peanuts, too.”

Now, this caught my attention, because I love Honey Roasted Peanuts. His dad told him they weren’t on the sheet. The Boy Scout said back, “I know. But we sell them!” At this point, the dad seemed a little confused.

I looked at the Boy Scout and said, “Let’s have a look at those Honey Roasted Peanuts.”

He led me over to the table and gave me the most impressive speech I have ever heard. He explained that it was very rare for them to get Honey Roasted Peanuts, and this was the last can he had.

I asked what it would cost. He said, “$15 dollars.” I paused, as if trying to make a decision. I had already made my decision. Finally, I nodded and said, “OK. I’ll take it.”

I handed his mom a $20 bill. She started to make change. I smiled at her and with a wink said, “Keep the change.”

As I walked away with my can of Honey Roasted Peanuts, I heard the Boy Scout say to his mom, “When do we go get to see grandma?” The mom said, “We will go to see her in 30 minutes.”

At this point, I already had my back turned but heard the excitement in that young boy’s voice when he realized he was getting ready to see his grandma.

As I continued, I smiled inside and out. My grandmas are gone. But hearing the excitement in that lad’s voice about going to see his grandma brought back a lot of great memories and made my day.

When I got home, I opened that can of Honey Roasted Peanuts and started eating. Those were the best Honey Roasted Peanuts I have ever tasted.

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