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  • Our newsroom received an excellent addition to this week’s print with some local students’ literary work. Reagan Morlan’s students in Pritchett created their own interpretations of Homer’s Odyssey during their unit on the piece. We at the Plainsman love to see this kind of community content, especially from the kids. If you have a story […]

  • The past few years, we have seen quite a few pictures and posts on our Baca County social media groups  about the huge Christmas tree which sat in the intersection of Main and 9th street in Springfield.  Several in our “You Might Be from Baca County Social Media group shared memories of Trees in Springfield, […]

  • Flashing Lights

    I grew up in the Oklahoma Panhandle around Guymon. My best friend, Brandon Tomlinson, and I have had many adventures that all started in kindergarten. This is an experience he and I had when we were in high school…about 30 years ago. Now, for the first part of this to make sense it is important […]

  • Catching a Fly

    This evening, when I was going back and forth from my kitchen to the grill outside, I accidentally let a fly in. He headed to the kitchen. I couldn’t blame him. That’s where I would go if I were a fly. When I finished grilling my chicken and brought it back inside, this fly was […]

  • If I am remembering correctly, this happened between my junior and senior years of college 26 years ago. I had had enough of the big city in Tulsa and for the first time left it to cowboy for the summer back home in Guymon. Now, let be me very clear. I can’t rope. Tried it […]

  • Now that spring is upon us, a lot of folks are starting to grill…myself included. About four weeks ago, I defrosted some meat in the microwave and then went outside and scrubbed down my grill and fired her up. She performed perfectly after hibernating all winter. Now I need to admit that she is getting […]

  • On Sunday afternoon, after attending church, I made a trek down to my local Neighborhood Wal-Mart to get some vittles for the next week. Usually, this is done without much fanfare. Occasionally, there are folks sitting outside on the fringes of Wally World, as I have affectionally renamed this place. Most of them are holding […]

  • Sam Konkel was the editor of one of the two Boston Colorado Newspapers, The Boston World (1886-1889) and later the Springfield Herald /Springfield Democrat Herald (1913-1930).  It was in 1918 -1919 during this time in Springfield where he relived and wrote during the stories of his time in Boston, which we used as the foundation […]

  • Recently the Herald had the opportunity to visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado and talk with its founder and executive director, Pat Craig. He showed us some of their habitats, talked about the animals they have living there, and explained how and why they do what they do. Some of the Sanctuary’s big […]

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  • Thanks-Giving

        As we come upon the Thanksgiving holiday, and as with everything in the society we are livin’ in, I can hear the distant rumble of controversy. Now I’m not wantin’ to get in the middle of this controversy.  It’s your choice whether you celebrate or not. I will say, we here at Three Feathers choose to […]

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