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Baca County Wolverines

Over the weekend 6 Baca County wrestlers competed in the Colorado State Regional tournament. Three wrestlers from Baca county would go on to qualify for the state wrestling tournament. Brayden Hancock and Malcolm Lovejoy would both compete in the regional championship match. They would both be pinned in the championship earning each of them 2nd place in the tournament, both of them earning themselvies a ticket to the state tournament. Justin Wright placed fourth in the tournament and would also qualify for state.

Kim Mustangs

The Kim Mustangs had 3 games this past week. Two of the teams they faced are well respected around class 1A in Colorado. Their week started off on Tuesday where they faced off against the Wiley Panthers.

The girls started off the night on a good note with a win by the score of 32-23. Senior Ashton Elliot contributed 18 points and 6 rebounds for the contest. On the same night the boys fell to the Wiley Panthers boys team by a score of 43-30. Improving the Lady Mustangs record to 1-0 on the weekend and the boys record falling to 0-1 for the weekend.

The Mustangs next game of the week would be on Thursday when they faced off against the Granada Bobcats. The girls team would once again come out on top of their contest. Beating the Granada Lady Bobcats by 6 points 40-34. Once again it was Ashton Elliot leading the charge for the Mustangs with 23 points and 4 steals. The boys team would then face the Granada Bobcats. The Granada Bobcats have consistently been ranked in the top 2 state rankings. The Mustangs fought hard in the first quarter, but then the Bobcats showed why there are ranked #1 in the state. The Bobcats would hold the Mustangs to just 7 points and go on to score 24 points of their own in the 2nd. The final score of the contest would be 59-32 in favor of the Bobcats.

The Mustangs final game of the week was against the South Baca Patriots. With a league match up the game had more meaning to both teams. The Mustangs jumped out to a quick 9-0 lead early in the 1st quarter, later in the quarter The Lady Patriots would hit two 3 point baskets to bring the game within 3 points after 1 period. The second period is where the Patriots would take the lead, then not relinquish it for the rest of the game. The game ended in a score of 37-28 in favor of the Lady Patriots. Junior Emmalee Buhrle led the Mustangs with 14 points and 4 blocks. Jami Quick led the Patriots with 11 points and 15 rebounds.

Walsh Eagles

The Walsh Eagles girls basketball team had a week where they were unable to play games. Resulting in their record being dropped to 2-15 after the weekend was over.

Eagle Leyton Jones makes a 3 over 2 defenders
Eagle Leyton Jones makes a 3 over 2 defenders

Although the Lady Eagles were unable to play over the weekend the Walsh Eagles boys basketball team played two games over the weekend. Their first game of the weekend had them facing off against the Springfield Longhorns. The Eagles fell behind quickly in the first by a score of 6-20. The second quarter was much of the same. However, the third period is where the Eagles tried to make a comeback into the game. The Eagles would outscore the Longhorns 22-17 in the period, cutting the lead down to 16 points. Unfortunately the Eagles would not be able to claw back into the game falling to the Longhorns 46-64. Adrian Alvarez led the Eagles with 19 points. While Colby Batterton led the Longhorns with 25 points and 10 rebounds.

The Eagles second contest of the weekend was against the McClave Cardinals. The Cardinals have been consistently ranked in the top 10 all season long and in this contest proved why. The Eagles would fall behind by a score of 7-25. Then, after only scoring 4 in the 2nd period would be behind 50-11 at halftime. The game was all but over by then and the Eagles would fall to the Cardinals by a final score of 74-34.

Springfield Longhorns

The Springfield Longhorns week also started on Tuesday where they had a matchup against the Stanton County Trojans.

The Lady Longhorns kicked off the night with a big win against the Lady Trojans. The Longhorns came out slow in the first quarter only scoring 6 points. Resulting in a score of 6-4 after one period of play.

Longhorn Sr. Alayah Meltabarger shoots a deep 3
Longhorn Sr. Alayah Meltabarger shoots a deep 3

The second period of play is where the Lady Horns took over. They outscored the Lady Trojans 13-7, growing their lead to 8 in the period. In the third period the game got more interesting. The Lady Trojans fought back within one point. Leaving the scoring at 27-26 after three quarters of play. The Longhorns decided to put the game away in the 4th outscoring their opponents 16-11. Resulting in a final score of 43-37 in favor of the Longhorns. Also improving their record for the week to 1-0. The Longhorns were led by Alayah Meltabarger and Kendall Myers, both scoring 11 in the contest.

The Longhorns boys basketball team fought hard the same night but ultimately fell short in their contest. The contest was close for the majority of regulation. 10-12 after just 1 quarter set the game up to be an exciting matchup. Going into halftime the Longhorns were down by 8 points, 26-34. The third period is the only period that the Longhorns outscored the Trojans 15-14. Cutting the lead to 6 points. The final period was full of defense as neither team scored in double digits. The Longhorns lost the period 6-7, resulting, in a final score of 47-55 in favor of the Trojans. Kyler Crane led the Longhorns with 14 points and 5 rebounds.

The Longhorns second game of the week was against the Walsh Eagles. (see above for game recap)

Springfield Longhorn Colby Batterton shoots a jumpshot in the paint
Springfield Longhorn Colby Batterton shoots a jumpshot in the paint

The Longhorns 3rd matchup of the week had them traveling to the mountains to face off against the La Veta Redhawks. The Lady Longhorns won the contest by a score of 59-31. People from around the county have said that the Springfield Longhorn boys game against the Redhawks “was an exciting one to say the least.” The game was close the whole way through, so much so that the game would end up going to over time. Both teams scored 48 points in regulation. Resulting in an overtime game for the Longhorns. The Longhorns would come out on top in over time, outscoring the Redhawks 13-7 in OT to win the game by a score of 61-55.

After an already jampacked week of basketball the Longhorns final game of the week was against the Cheraw Wolverines.

The Lady Longhorns jumped out to a lead in the first quarter, outscoring the Lady Wolverines 7-4. However after the first quarter the Wolverines would outscore the Longhorns in every quarter. Eventually taking the lead, and they would never give it up. The Lady Wolverines would outscore the Lady Horns 19-13 in the second half to take the win in the contest. Resulting in a final score of 34-29.

In the Longhorns boys basketball team contest they would also jump out to a quick lead in the first 11-9. The second quarter was the outlier for the Longhorns were they were outscored 6-12 relinquishing the lead 17-21 going into halftime. The Longhorns and the Wolverines both scored 12 in the third period, keeping the lead at 4 points for the Wolverines. In the 4th the Longhorns would fight back to bring the score within 2 points. Unfortunately unable to take the lead they would lose the contest by 2 points, with 39-41 being the final score in favor of the Wolverines.

South Baca Patriots

The Patriots started off their week in a non-league game against the Eads Eagles.

The Lady Patriots added to the win column on this night beating the Eads Eagles. It was a slow game to start with both teams not reaching double digit scoring in the first half. However, the Lady Patriots came out and took over in the second half out scoring the Lady Eagles 28-18. Resulting in a win by the score of 34-23. Jami Quick led the Patriots with 19 points and 7 rebounds.

The Patriot boys basketball team lost their game against the Eads Eagles. From Patriot fans the game was closer than the score indicated. The final score of the game was 39-48 in favor of the Eads Eagles.

The Patriots second game of the week had them facing the Kim/Branson Mustangs. (see above for recap of Lady Patriots v Kim/Branson Mustangs)

The Patriots boys basketball team kept the score close for the first period 8-13 Mustangs after 1 quarter of play. The second quarter is where the Mustangs took the game over. Outscoring the Patriots 4-22. Resulting in a score of 12-35 Mustangs going into halftime. After gaining a 23 point lead the game was nearly over already. The Patriots would only score 12 more points in the contest. 24-53 was the final score of the contest, in favor of the Mustangs.

South Baca Patriot Kate Elmore squares up to shoot a wide open shot in the paint

Both Patriot teams traveled to Primero for a neutral game against the Antonito Trojans.

The Lady Patriots started the night off with a win. Three of the 4 quarters the Patriots outscored the Lady Trojans. Kate Elmore had a game for herself contributing 15 points, 15 rebounds, and 3 blocks. The final score of the game was 42-23 in favor of the Lady Patriots.

South Baca Patriot Landen Stegman shooting a wide open three pointer

The Patriot boys basketball team looked to cap off their weekend with a win against the 2-9 Antonito Trojans. The Patriots came out with a quick 36-18 point lead in the first half. However, the Trojans chose to fight back in the third and fourth period, outscoring the Patriots 27-17 in the second half. The Patriots lead was too much for the Trojans to overcome and would ultimately take the win for their 4th win of the season. Landen Stegman led the Patriots with 15 points and 6 rebounds in the contest.

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