State Wrestling and The Week Before Districts

Baca County Wolverines

On February 17 three Baca County Wolverines traveled to the Colorado State Wrestling tournament. Brayden Hancock, Malcolm Lovejoy, and Just Wright all had the chance to compete in the tournaments this past weekend. On the first day according to the Wolverines Facebook page the three had a rough day. All three would lose by pin on that day but would move on to the consolation bracket the next day. The next day Brayden Hancock, and Malcolm Lovejoy lost their consolation matches eliminating them from the state tournament. However, Justin Wright won his first consolation round by a score of 3-0. He moved on to the second round of the consolation bracket. He would go on to lose a close match 6-3 in the bracket. Congratulations to all the Wolverines on a great season!

Kim/Branson Mustangs

The Kim/Branson Mustangs slate included two league play games, having them face off against the La Veta Redhawks and the Springfield Longhorns.

Their week of league play started on Tuesday when they played against the La Veta Redhawks. The first half of the Lady Mustangs game was very close, going into half time the score was 22-17. Coming out of halftime the Lady Mustangs started to close the game out early outscoring the Lady Redhawks 14-4 in the third period. That was the outlier in the contest as both teams scored 6 points in the final period of the game the final score of game was 42-27. Emmalee Buhrle had herself a game after have a stat line of 20 points, 13 rebounds to go along with 6 blocks.

The Mustang boys basketball team had a similar outcome of the game, although it was much closer. In the first half of the game both teams would score 30 points, leaving the game tied going into halftime. The Kim/Branson Mustangs would outscore the La Veta Redhawks in the both the third and fourth periods. After the Mustangs took control of the contest La Veta would struggle to get fight back. Leaving the final score at 59-52 in favor of the Kim Mustangs. Mustang Cade Smith led the charge with 17 points and 9 rebounds in the contest.

Lady Longhorn Kendall Myers lines up the three point shot

In game for second in the league both the Lady Mustangs and the Springfield Lady Longhorns came into the game determined for a win. However it seemed the Lady Longhorns were more determined. The Lady Longhorns jumped out to an 11-0 lead in the first quarter. Resulting in a the tone being set for the rest of the game. The Lady Longhorns held the Lady Mustangs to only 6 points in the second period. Leaving the score at 19-6 going into halftime. After halftime the Lady Mustangs were unable to climb back into the game. The Longhorns outscored the Mustangs 17 to 16 to win the game. Resulting in a final score of 36-22. Ashton Elliot led the Lady Mustangs in scoring, scoring nearly half of the Mustangs points with 10. Brakelle Westhpal led the Longhorns with 11 points.

Longhorn Cooper Stolebarger shoots the foul shot

The Kim/Branson Mustang boys basketball game against the Springfield Longhorns was one of the most important that night. Their matchup was to determine who would get the bye in the first round of the playoffs. With that added pressure the game was definitely a league championship game. After the first quarter both teams were tied with 11 points. The second quarter was much of the same with Kim/Branson only grabbing a 3 point lead in the period, 15-12. Going into halftime the score was 26-23. After halftime the Longhorns kept the score within reach after tying the quarter 12-12. The Kim/Branson once again outscored the Longhorns in the fourth 15-10 giving them a 8 point lead for the final score of the game. Final score of the league championship game 53-45, crowning the Kim/Branson Mustangs as champions. Colby Batterton was Springfield’s top scorer with 15 points. Brock Doherty helped the Mustangs claim the championship leading the Mustangs in scoring with 14 points.

Springfield Longhorns

The Springfield Longhorns only had one matchup for the weekend. Against the Kim/Branson Mustangs. (see above for recap)

Walsh Eagles

The Walsh Eagles also only had one matchup for the week, facing off against the Cheyenne Wells tigers.

The Lady Eagles lost a tough one to the Cheyenne Wells Lady Tigers on Saturday. The Lady Tigers took a quick 20-0 lead in the first period. The rest of the game was somewhat close but ultimately the first period was the outlier of the game. The final score of the contest was 5-36.

The same night the Walsh Eagles boys basketball team faced off against the Cheyenne Wells Tigers. The game was close at the end of first quarter 8-14. After the first quarter the Tigers took the game over, outscoring the Eagles 16-7 in the second. Resulting in a score of 30-15 going into halftime. The game got out of control after the Tigers scored 21 points to Walsh’s 7 points. The final period was more just for the regulation of the game. The final score of the contest was 67-35 in favor of the Tigers.

South Baca Patriots

The South Baca Patriots played two games over the last weekend, with one being against a league opponent.

Their first game of the weekend had them facing off against a league opponent in the La Veta Redhawks. The Lady Patriots kicked off the night on a good note grabbing a win. The Lady Patriots kicked off the game on a 17-7 run to finish the first period. Once again the second period the Patriots took major control of the game outscoring the Lady Redhawks 19-4 in the period. Leaving the score at 36-11 going into halftime. This is all it took for the Patriots to win the game. However they would not let off the gas outscoring the Lady Redhawks 24-17 in the second half. Resulting in a final score of 65-23. Jadyn Patrick was the star player for the Patriots scoring 19 points and adding 3 steals on the defensive side of the ball.

The Patriot boys basketball team fought hard in their contest against the Redhawks but would lose control in the second half, ultimately resulting in a loss. After one period of play the Patriots found themselves only down 4 points. During the second the Patriots clawed back after going down early to bring the score within one at 21-22. However the Redhawks caught fire and made several 3 point baskets to lead to a 20 point quarter. Going into halftime the score was 35-22 in favor of the Redhawks.

The second quarter was the backbreaker for the Patriots who were only able to score 6 points in the final two periods of the ball game. Hayden Brooks and Evan Mayo shared the main offensive role in the game scoring 11 points a piece in the contest.

Patriot Brie Coleman shoots the open three

The next day the Patriots traveled to Cheraw for their last regular season game of the year, and both teams had a rough night.

The Lady Patriots kicked off the night. On one of the few nights where not a single lady Patriot reached double digit scoring, they would end the night on a defeat to the Cheraw Lady Wolverines. The Lady Patriots kept the score close in the first quarter tying the Lady Wolverines 5-5. The next three quarters were controlled by the Wolverines, outscoring the Lady Patriots 31-19. The final score of the game was 24-36 in favor of the Lady Wolverines.

Patriot Evan Mayo squares up for the three with the defender closing out

The Patriot boy basketball team had a similar outcome on the same night. The Patriots fought a hard fought game but ultimately lost in the end. After the first quarter ended with the Patriots being down 13-14, the Wolverines kept the Patriots from scoring over double digits in another quarter. the final score of the game was 35-49 in favor of the Wolverines. Evan Mayo did his best to help the Patriots with 14 points.

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