Weekly Basketball Recap, Jan 10-15

The weekend started off kind of rough with 2 out of 3 of Springfield’s games being postponed due to Covid-19. Originally Springfield was supposed to play games Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Unfortunately their earlier games this week were the ones that got postponed due to Covid.

South Baca was also supposed to have 2 games this weekend but one of them was postponed until Jan. 27th.

Walsh Eagles

The Walsh Lady Eagles faced off against the Stanton County Trojans on January 11th, which resulted in a loss for the Lady Eagles. The game ended with a score of 67-7 in favor of the Trojans. I was not able to find a score for the boys basketball team. Therefore I am unsure of if the boys basketball team played against the Stanton County Trojans.

The second game of the week had the Walsh Eagles boys and girls basketball teams facing off against the Cheraw Wolverines. The night started with the both girls teams facing off against each other. The Cheraw Lady Wolverines were able to come out of the night with a win. The final score was 67-14

The second game of Friday night pitted the Walsh Eagle boys against the Cheraw Wolverine boys team. The Cheraw Wolverines got out to a quick lead in every quarter causing the Walsh Eagles to fall behind quickly. The final score of the game, ended up being 63-29 in favor of the Wolverines.

Springfield Longhorns

The second day of the weekend, Saturday January 15, featured the Springfield Longhorns facing off against the Centennial Rams and the South Baca Patriots against the Wiley Panthers.

The Springfield Longhorns ended the weekend on a good note with both teams picking up wins. The Springfield Lady Longhorns bested the Lady Rams with a blowout score of 52-24. Improving their record to 6-2 after two tough losses in their previous two games.

The boys game had a similar result as the girls, picking up a win against the Rams boys basketball team. The final score of the game was 58-40. For the Springfield Longhorns after a hot streak and 4 consecutive wins, their record has improved to 4-3.

South Baca Patriots

The game that I was able to attend was the South Baca Patriots against the Wiley Panthers. The girls game was sure one to remember.

SO. Kate Elmore gets ready for the jump against the Wiley Panthers

In the first quarter of the contest the Patriots were struggling to get rebounds due to the aggressiveness of the Panthers. Due to the struggle of rebounds the Patriots were struggling to get into a rhythm offensively, luckily for the Lady Patriots Jadyn Patrick was able to score a pair of 3’s to keep the score close for the Patriots. After the first quarter the score was 11-10 in favor of the Patriots.

The clear main focus of the game for both teams was to work the ball inside and get easy post shots. In the second quarter, the Patriots relinquished the lead after the Panthers hit a late quarter buzzer beater. The end score of the quarter was 17-19 in favor of the Panthers.

After halftime the Patriots came out wanting to put the game away early. The Patriots would end up going on a 18-4 run in the 3rd period to gain a 12 point lead in the game. The leading scorer for the big run in the 3rd period was the Patriots Jami Quick with 6 points.

The final period was very exciting as the Lady Panthers would go on a run of their own. The Patriots would only be able to score 4 points in the quarter while the Lady Panthers would score 15. Kate Elmore would foul out with 5 minutes left in the game which would turn into a slippery slope for the Patriots. After Kate Elmore fouled out of the game the Patriots struggled to grab rebounds and stop the Panthers from getting the ball into the post. Luckily the Patriots were able to hold off the Panther and add another win to their win column. The final score of the game was 39-38.

So. Hayden Brooks jumps to kick off the game against the Wiley Panthers

The boys game was not as good as the girls. The Wiley Panthers were in a full-court press for most of the 1st period which would turn into a big lead for them. Resulting in a 21-2 lead for the Panthers.

In the second period the Patriots struggled with the size and speed of the Panthers, having trouble stopping the Panthers in the paint. This led to another 16-6 run for the Panthers. The score after 2 periods was 8-37.

The game seemed to be out of reach after the second but the Panthers came out of halftime looking to fully put the game out of reach for the Patriots, but the Patriots started to pick up the pace offensively themselves. The score of the 3rd period was 11-15 in favor of Wiley. The score was out of reach for the Patriots as the starters were subbed out with 6 minutes left in the game. The final score of the game was 24-56 after Gavin Elliot hit a 3 pointer at the end of the final quarter.

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