A Busy Week for Basketball

The week was busy for Baca County’s basketball athletes, with both the Springfield Longhorns and the South Baca Patriots having 3 contests and the Walsh Eagles adding another 2 games to the schedule.

South Baca Lady Patriots v Rolla (KS) Lady Pirates

The week started off early with the first contest of the game on Tuesday January 25. On this day the South Baca Patriots girls and boys team faced off against the Rolla (KS) Pirates. Coming into the contest the Lady Pirates only had 5 players available in the game.

The first quarter started out very evenly with both teams scoring 6 points a piece. Leading to a score of 6-6 after the first period was over. Jami Quick led the Patriots in scoring, scoring 4 out of the Patriots 6 points.

Patriot Jami Quick goes up for the 2 point basket
Patriot Jami Quick goes up for the 2 point basket

The second period is where the Patriots really picked up the pace both offensively and defensively. With the Patriots outscoring the Pirates 13-3, this led to them gaining and growing their lead. Jamie Quick scored 10 of the Patriots 13 points in the second quarter. The score going into halftime was 19-9 in favor of the Lady Patriots.

The Lady Patriots came out of halftime looking to put away the game early. In another quarter where the Patriots scored another 13 points and that was exactly what they did. Five different Patriots scored in the period, Lady Patriot, Mariah Stegman, led the scoring for the quarter with 4 points. The lead was grown to 16 points, 32-16 Patriots, going into the 4th.

The 4th quarter was much of the same with the Lady Patriots scoring over 10 points once again in the contest. The Lady Patriots scored 11 points with the majority coming from Mariah Stegman with 6 points. The final score of the contest was 43-25 in favor of the Lady Patriots improving their record 9-1.

South Baca Patriots v Rolla (KS) Pirates

The South Baca Patriot boys followed and looked to replicate the outcome of the previous game.

Patriot Nano Gutierrez goes up for 2 in the paint
Patriot Nano Gutierrez goes up for 2 in the paint

In the first quarter, the Patriots struggled to stop the inside pressure of the Pirates. Resulting in the Patriots falling behind in the first. The Pirates led 11-15 after one quarter of play. Hayden Brooks led the Patriots in scoring for the first with 4 points.

In the second quarter the Patriots struggled to get rebounds on the defensive side of the ball. The Patriots logged 9 turnovers in the 2nd. Resulting in the Pirates lead growing to 11 points, 18-29. Only two Patriots logged points for the quarter, with the scoring leader for the Patriots being Evan Mayo with 4 points.

The third quarter the Patriots struggled to stop the scoring and shot making of the Pirates. Luckily they were able to score around the same as the Pirates in the period. Leaving the score at 27-39 in favor of the Pirates. Hayden Brooks contributed the most to the scoreboard for the Patriots with 4 points.

In the fourth period the Patriots decided to make the game interesting. Throughout the fourth the Patriots would go on a 7-0 run to bring the score within 7 points, slowly chipping and clawing their way back into the game. With 3 minutes in the left in the game the Patriots brought the score within 3 minutes.

With only 50 seconds left the Patriots brought the score within 2 points. Unfortunately with only 50 seconds left the Patriots had to play the foul game to keep Rolla from running the clock down for the rest of the game. The Pirates would make free throws to further their lead, leading to the final score of the game being 49-54 in favor of the Pirates.

South Baca Lady Patriots v McClave Lady Cardinals

Thursday January 27 the Lady Patriots faced off against the #4 ranked McClave Lady Cardinals. The Lady Patriots would fall to the McClave Cardinals by a score of 28-38. Unfortunately their have been no official stats provided for the contest.

South Baca Patriots v McClave Cardinals

On the same night the Patriots boys basketball team also faced off against the #7 ranked McClave Cardinals. The Patriots would lose the contest by a score of 34-72.

South Baca Patriots v Manzanola Bobcats

Friday January 28 the South Baca Patriots faced off against the Manzanola Bobcats. The teams met earlier in the year and the Bobcats came out on top by a score of 46-39.

In the first quarter the Patriots would jump out to a quick lead. Patriot Evan Mayo led the Patriots in scoring in the period with 9 points including 2 3 point baskets. Evan Mayo would lead the Patriots to a 15-7 lead at the end of the first quarter.

For the first two minutes of the second period the Patriots were unable to score, while the Bobcats scored 4 points. Luckily for the Patriots they would end the quarter on an 8-6 run. Sustaining their lead led to the final score of the second being 23-17. Leading the charge in the second was Zeek Wills and Landen Stegman both hitting 1 3 point basket a piece.

After halftime the Patriots looked to put the game away early scoring 16 points in the third period. However, the South Baca defense struggled to stop the inside presence of the Bobcats. Allowing them to score 16 points also, with a majority of their points coming toward the end of the period. 39-33 in favor of the Patriots was the score after 3 quarters. Evan Mayo once again took the reigns offensively scoring 9 of the Patriots 16 points in the period.

In the final period the Patriots were able to hold off a late push by the Bobcats after they brought the score within 4 points. The Patriots would win the quarter 10-7, leading to their second win of the season. Landen Stegman helped lead the Patriots in the fourth with 2 3 pointers.

Improving their record to 2-10.

South Baca Lady Patriots v Manzanola Lady Bobcats

The Lady Patriots were unable to play the Lady Bobcats due to sickness. The Lady Bobcats would take the forfeit, improving the Patriots record to 10-2.

Springfield Lady Longhorns v Granada Lady Bobcats

Springfields week started off with both boys and girls teams facing off against the Granada Bobcats.

In the first period the Granada Bobcats were able to score at will, while the Lady Longhorns struggled to score in the first period. After 1 quarter of play the score was 11-15 in favor of the Bobcats. Alayah Meltabarger led in scoring for the Lady Horns scoring 5 points.

At the start of the second period Springfield had several instances where they struggled to get rebounds. This resulted in the Lady Bobcats getting several offensive rebounds, which led to several chances at scoring the basketball. However, Springfield was able to tie and take the lead late into the 2nd period. Granada would claw back in the end to be ahead going into halftime 25-27 with Granada leading. Kendall Myers led the Longhorns with 8 points in the period.

The third period was even all the way through the third quarter. Both teams scored 9 points a piece. Resulting in the score being 34-36. Lainee Leathers led the Longhorns in scoring with 5 of their 9 points in the period.

The final period was exciting as the Lady Longhorns gained a lead, 45-44. Unfortunately the Longhorns were unable to hold on to the lead. Granada would quickly take the lead back, and eventually end up winning the game. The Lady Longhorns would lose the matchup 45-53. Putting their record at 6-5.

Springfield Longhorns v Granada Bobcats

The Longhorns faced off against the #1 ranked Granada Bobcats. The Longhorns were able to match the shot making of the Bobcats for the first quarter. Leaving the score at 16-19 after one period of play. Both Longhorns Colby Batterton and Kyler Crane scored 5 points a piece.

At the start of the second period the Bobcats took control of the game scoring 19 points in the period and holding the Longhorns to a poor 3 points. Kyler Crane scored 2 in the period to lead the Longhorns in scoring for the quarter. Turnovers killed the Longhorns in the second after logging 8 in the period it was hard to keep up with the Bobcats.

The rest of the game was very similar to the 2nd quarter. In the second half Springfield was only able to score 2 more points than they did in the first quarter.

Springfield fell to the Bobcats by a final score of 34-73.

Springfield Lady Longhorns v Primero Lady Bulldogs

After a hard fought loss to the Granada Bobcats the pervious day the Lady Longhorns looked to bounce back with a win against the Primero Lady Bulldogs. That is exactly what they did. The Lady Longhorns would go on to beat the Lady Bulldogs by a score of 65-7.

Springfield Longhorns v Primero Bulldogs

The Springfield Longhorns faced off against the Primero Bulldogs on the same day as their girls and it was more of an even contest.

In the first quarter the Longhorns were able to gain a lead due to their tough and quick defense. Colby Batterton led the Longhorns in scoring with 5 points in the quarter.

In the second quarter the Longhorns quickly jumped out to a bigger lead, outscoring the Bulldogs 15-6. Leading to the score of the game before halftime at 28-16. Kyler Crane led the period in scoring with 8 out of the Longhorns 15 points.

To start the third period the Longhorns looked flat offensively and Primero worked on clawing back into the game. Primero would start the third on a 10-0 run, bringing the score within 2 at 28-26. By the end of the period the Primero Bulldogs would take control of the lead. Springfield was only able to score 2 points in the period, both coming from Longhorn Cooper Stolebarger. The final score of the period was 30-31 in favor of the Bulldogs.

Towards the end of the fourth period Springfield would regain the lead 38-36. Longhorn Cooper Stolebarger would get a chance at an and-1 basket after getting fouled on a made layup. He would put the Longhorns up 5 points with 2 minutes and 30 seconds left in regulation. Resulting in the final score of the game of 41-36 Springfield Longhorns.

Springfield Lady Longhorns v Kit Carson Lady Wildcats

Springfield looked to replicate their win on Saturday against the Lady Wildcats.

In the first period of the contest Springfield’s Lainee Leathers acquired 3 fouls within the first 4-5 minutes of the game. Springfield struggled with shot making only making 2 field goals in the first period. Both Kendall Myers and Alayah Meltabarger were the two that made the field goals, both of them were 3 points field goals.

Lady Longhorn Lainee Leathers shoots the contested layup
Lady Longhorn Lainee Leathers shoots the contested layup

The Lady Wildcats proved to be too much for the Longhorns to handle inside the paint in the second. Resulting in several inside and easy baskets for them. Once again Springfield struggled to make shots in the 2nd period. Only making 3 more field goals in the second period. Going into halftime the score was 15-23 in favor of the Wildcats.

After halftime the Wildcats took over with their inside presence. Outscoring the Longhorns 10-20 in the third, ultimately putting the game away in the 3rd period.

In the final period the Longhorns outscored the Wildcats 20-15. But unfortunately it was to little to late. The final score of the contest was 45-58 in favor of the Wildcats. Adding a loss to the Longhorns record.

Springfield Longhorns v Kit Carson Wildcats

While the Lady Longhorns struggled against the Lady Wildcats the Longhorns flipped the script in the matchup against the Wildcats.

Longhorn Kyler Crane shoots a free throw to grow Springfield's lead
Longhorn Kyler Crane shoots a free throw to grow Springfield’s lead

In the first period of the game the Longhorns would take a commanding lead. 23-11. The Longhorns exceled with their shot making in the first period, only missing 3 out off 11 shots they took in the period. Kyler Crane led the charge scoring 13 out of the 23 points the Longhorns scored in the first.

The second period score was 12-9. Resulting in the score of 35-20 after two quarters. For this quarter the high scorer was Colby Batterton with 4 points.

After halftime the Longhorns would come out and score another 15 points in the period. Kit Carson continued to try to work the ball inside but the Longhorns tough defense kept the Wildcats from being able to gain an advantage in the paint. 3 different Longhorns contributed 4 points in the period, Ryan Varnado, Colby Batterton, and Kyler Crane.

After watching the final period, it seemed that the third period was actually the final. The Wildcats seemed to give up in the final quarter only scoring 6 points. Meanwhile the Longhorns would score 9 to close out the game. Final score of the game 59-39 in favor of the Longhorns.

Walsh Eagles

For the week the Walsh Eagles would face off against two teams, The Kim/Branson Mustangs, and the La Veta Redhawks.

Their week started by facing off against the Kim/Branson Mustangs. The Lady Eagles would fall to the Mustangs by a score of 43-15.

The Eagles boys basketball team would fall to the Mustangs 69-27.

The next day both boys and girls Eagles teams would have their contests against the La Veta Redhawks.

The Lady Eagles would have a close contest only losing the game by 7 points. 41-34 in favor of the Lady Redhawks.

While the girls game was close, the boys was a little more spread out. The boys basketball team would fall to the Redhawks by a score of 81-56.

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