An Exciting Weekend for Basketball

Before getting into the week/weekend of basketball, I would just like to wish the Cheraw community prayers and well wishes as a terrible tragedy has struck their community. Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this troubling time.

The week of January 17-22 was a jampacked one for basketball. On Friday the slate included the matchup between the South Baca Patriots and the Springfield Longhorns. Meanwhile the Walsh Eagles were facing off against the Primero Bulldogs. On Saturday the Longhorns hosted the McClave Cardinals, while the South Baca Patriots traveled to Granada and the Walsh Eagles traveled to Wiley.

Walsh Lady Eagles v Primero Lady Bulldogs

For the Walsh Lady Eagles it was a good Friday night when they were able to pick up their first win of the season. The Walsh Lady Eagles came out ready to play scoring a season high of 42 points in the contest. The score of the game was 42-16.

Walsh Eagles v Primero Bulldogs

The Walsh Eagles also traveled to Primero to play the Bulldogs and the score indicated that the game was an exciting one. Unfortunately the Walsh Eagles fell to the Primero Bulldogs 48-49.

South Baca Lady Patriots v Springfield Lady Longhorns

The first game that I attended for the weekend was the Springfield Lady Longhorns against the South Baca Lady Patriots, and the girls game was not a let down for the fans. The game started out strong for the Lady Longhorns going on an 11-1 run, the game was looking bleak for the Lady Patriots. After the 11-1 run by the Lady Longhorns the Patriots would continue to go on a 10-6 run of their own.

Resulting in a score of 11-17 after the full first period of play. Lainee Leathers was the leading scorer for the Longhorns in the first quarter with 9 points. The Patriots leading scorer in the period was Jamie Quick with 6 points.

Patriots SO. Kate Elmore shoots a layup while being double teamed

In the second period the Patriots were able to bring the score back within 2 points. Springfield failed to score the basketball until the 5 minute mark in the second period. After a big quarter from the Lady Patriots the score was 22-24 in favor of the Lady Longhorns. Alayah Meltabarger was the Longhorn that kept the Patriots from taking the lead entirely scoring 5 points in the period. Compared to her teammates 2 combined points. Kate Elmore led the Patriots in scoring in the second period with 5 points.

After halftime the Lady Patriots came out with some fire. Resulting in a big quarter from the Patriots where they gained their first lead of the game with 1:30 left in the third period, 33-32. In a quarter where 4 different Lady Patriots scored the Patriots were leading at the end of the period, 35-32. Raelynn Sandoval led the Patriots in the period with 5 points.

The Longhorns were held to 8 points in the period. Brakelle led the team in scoring with 3 points throughout the 3rd quarter.

Springfield JR. Brakelle Westphal pulls up from midrange

The Lady Longhorns struggled to gain any traction offensively failing to score for nearly the first 5 minutes of the 4th period. However the Lady Patriots kept pushing on the gas, pushing the lead to 7 points with only 1 minute left in the game.

With 30 seconds left in the game Springfield’s Alayah Meltabarger pulls up for a deep three and hits it which brings the lead back to within 5 points. A steal and another basket for the Lady Longhorns brought the score within 2 points with 22 seconds left in the game.

With only 22 seconds left in regulation the Lady Horns were forced to foul and put Patriot Kate Elmore on the free throw line for the bonus foul shots. Kate Elmore would miss both, fortunately for the Patriots Jamie Quick would grab the offensive rebound and score a 2 point basket pushing the lead to 4. The Longhorns would come down the court and score a 2 point basket with 2 seconds left on the clock but unfortunately with no timeouts remaining the clock was ran out and the final score was 44-46. The leading scorers of the game were Springfield’s Lainee Leathers and South Baca’s Jamie quick both scoring 16 points a piece.

South Baca Patriots v Springfield Longhorns

While the girls game gave the fans some excitement the boys game was quite the opposite.

The first period got out of hand very quickly, after just one quarter the score of the game was 4-19 in favor of the Longhorns. The Patriots struggled with the speed and the pressure of the Longhorns. The Longhorns were able to force several turnovers in the first. Resulting in easy layups and wide open shots. Kyler Crane led the charge for Springfield offensively with 9 points in the period. Nano Gutierrez and Evan Mayo scored 2 points each to add up to the Patriots 4.

Springfield JR. Kyler Crane shoots from 3

Offensively the 2nd period was better for the Patriots, they were able to score 10 points in the quarter. Unfortunately the Patriots were not able to stop the Longhorns defensively which led to 16 points. Zeek Wills led the Patriots in scoring for the period scoring a pair of triples. Kyler Crane led the Longhorns with 8 points in the 2nd.

The third quarter was the Longhorns best quarter, they were able to score 20 points compared to the Patriots 9. This led to the game being completely out of reach for the Patriots.

Resulting in the final score of the game 58-30. Kyler Crane led Springfield’s offense with 23 points. Evan Mayo scored the most for the Patriots. Scoring 9 points in the contest.

Springfield Lady Longhorns v. McClave Lady Cardinals

After Fridays hard fought game against the Lady Patriots, The Springfield Lady Longhorns hosted the McClave Lady Cardinals On Saturday. After a hard fought loss on Friday the Lady Horns looked to bounce back with a win on Saturday. But unfortunately that was not the case.

In the beginning of the first period the Lady Longhorns struggled with turnovers. Resulting in the Lady Cardinals gaining a 9-15 lead over the Longhorns. Lainee Leathers led the Springfield offense with 7 points helping the game not get out of hand in the very first quarter.

The second period was much stronger for the Longhorns as they were able to outscore the Cardinals 14-8. Due to the strong quarter the Longhorns were able to tie the game going into halftime at 23 points a piece. Once again, it was Lainee Leathers leading the charge offensively with 5 points.

The third quarter was a sluggish one for the Lady Horns, only being able to score 8 points in the period compared to 17 points by the Cardinals. Leading to a 9 point lead for the Cardinals. Alayah Meltabarger scored 5 of Springfield’s 8 in the period.

The 4th quarter was much worse than the third for the Longhorns. There were only two Longhorns that scored in the period. Alayah Meltabarger and Karina Garcia. The Cardinals scored 14 in the period. Resulting in the final score of the game 35-54. Lainee Leathers and Alayah Meltabarger both led the Longhorns in scoring, scoring 12 points each in the game.

Springfield Longhorns v McClave Cardinals

The Springfield Longhorns struggled to keep up with the shot making of the Cardinals in the first quarter. Going into the second quarter the score was 12-22 with Kyler Crane scoring 4 of the teams 12 points in the period.

In the second period the Cardinals did not let off the gas. Forcing the Longhorns to try and keep up with their shot making. Resulting in several missed three point attempts, and several costly turnovers. The Cardinals outscored the Longhorns 7-21 in the 2nd quarter. Leading to what seemed to be like the end of the game.

In the third period scoring and defense were much of the same for the Longhorns. While the 4th period was the best scoring wise for the Longhorns the game was far too out of hand for their to be any hope. The final score of the game was 39-79. Kyler Crane led scoring for the Longhorns with 15 points.

South Baca Lady Patriots v Granada Lady Bobcats

On Saturday while the Longhorns were facing off against the Cardinals the Patriots traveled to Granada to face off against the Bobcats. The day after a win the Lady Patriots looked to continue their win streak against the Lady Bobcats.

The Lady Patriots convincingly collected a win against the Bobcats with a score of 50-34. In the contest Patriot’s Jami Quick scored 28 points leading the Patriots to their second win of the weekend and helping improve their record to 8-1.

South Baca Patriots v Granada Bobcats

With the Granada Bobcats ranked in the top 10 in the state of Colorado the South Baca Patriots had a tough game ahead of them. That is precisely what it was. The Granada Bobcats got out to a quick 28-10 lead in the first quarter. Resulting in the rest of the game being much of the same.

The final score of the contest was 69-30 in favor of the Bobcats. Unfortunately there have been no official stats update for the South Baca Patriots so I am not sure who was the leading scorer for the Patriots.

Walsh Lady Eagles v Wiley Lady Panthers

After picking up their first win of the season the previous day the Walsh Lady Eagles traveled to Wiley to face off against the Panthers. The Eagles were not able to replicate their win from the previous night. They would end up losing the game by a score of 57-5. Larissa Beecham scored 3 of Walsh’s points in the contest.

Walsh Eagles v Wiley Panthers

After losing a tough game to the Primero Bulldogs on Friday the Walsh Eagles tried to bounce back against the Wiley Panthers on Saturday. The Walsh Eagles would fall to the Wiley Panthers Saturday night. The final score of the contest was 63-21 in favor of the Wiley. No official stats were entered for Walsh, therefore no leading scorer has been named.

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