Dust Bowl Poems(1930s) by Nellie Grover Bamber

This post is a true pleasure. There are some little things to look for. The image of Grandma Bamber printed on an early dot matrix printer is a piece of history in itself. The poems? Priceless. In the not so recent past I had a conversation with Nancy Hall Nelson about using her Grandma’s Poems in a compilation I am working on, which will tell the story of the Dust Bowl primarily through the eyes of the Springfield Herald, 1930-1939. I will call that book, “The Dust Bowl: A View from Ground Zero

Although they are not all dated, the poems which are dated were written over the course of several years, beginning in 1935 with the most recent 1970. Per my conversation with Nancy I am going to share all of them here. Starting with this post we will present the ones that are dated 1935 or reference the “Dirty Thirties” or “Dust Bowl”. Enjoy.

BELOW: Nellie Grover Bamber which appear to be looking back at the 1930s and the Dust Bowl

Next up: The Remainder of the Nellie Grover Bamber poems (post 1930s – 1970 courtesy of her granddaughter, Nancy Hall Nelson. Thanks Nancy, what a privilege to get to share your Grandma’s poems and obviously her faith on this blog.

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