Dr. Verity’s Invention

A side view of the Verity Splint
Dr. Verity’s Invention

In a recent Facebook thread, Ted Burhenn asked about the history of music in Baca County.  I mentioned the Old Boston Band and after a couple other comments; I dug in a little to see what I could find.  There are a few things on Baca County music I am pulling together which includes info on Dr. W.P. Verity’s Two Buttes band.  In the process, I stumbled upon a little background prior to his time in Two Buttes.  Let’s provide background on Dr. Verity for those who may not know….

Born in Wisconsin on March 1, 1853, Dr. W. P. Verity grew up on a farm.  He attended Country School, graduated from high school and attended normal school for one year to prepare for teaching. After teaching a year he studied medicine by borrowing money from his father.  He graduated from Rush College of Medicine and served as an intern in Cook County Hospital which enabled him to pay back his father. Later he became a member of the staff of that Institution and a renowned surgeon.

No matter his professional prowess, sickness encroached on him.   By the early years of the 20th century, great men of the medical profession already passed a death sentence upon him declaring he only had a year to live. Just as he sent many other people west for their health he followed suit. The climate suited him as his health returned and he served the people of Baca County many years 

Much of the narrative surrounding Dr. Verity discusses his invention transformed the surgical and healing arts.  Until today I had seen no specifics on his invention, Verity’s suspension splint.  Much is written of this medical device in the early 1880’s.   Verity published multiple articles in medical journals during this time. The examples include the Chicago Medical Review of 1880 which discusses his invention. See the clippings below.  This is all the content I have organized for now.  I will keep hunting for more. 


Article about Verity Splint Part 1Article about Verity Split part 2

Verity's Suspension splint


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