Stage 1 fire restrictions terminated on Pikes Peak, South Park, Comanche, and Cimarron Ranger Districts

Fire restrictions remain in effect on San Carlos Ranger District

PUEBLO, Colo., May 8, 2023 – Effective May 4, at 12:01 a.m., Stage 1 fire restrictions on the Pikes Peak, South Park, Comanche, and Cimarron Ranger Districts have been terminated. This termination applies to public land managed by the U.S. Forest Service. Stage 1 fire restrictions remain in effect on the San Carlos Ranger District due to recent fire activity and current fuel conditions; restrictions will remain in effect until it is superseded or rescinded, whichever comes first.

“For the safety of the public and our employees, it is important to remain vigilant regarding the use of campfires and other activities even as the weather and seasons change suddenly,” said Forest and Grassland Supervisor Diana Trujillo. “We are continuing to monitor the situation, and as conditions change, restrictions will be adjusted.”

Under Stage 1 fire restrictions, forest visitors may only smoke in a vehicle or in a building. Additionally, visitors may only build or maintain fires and use charcoal in permanent fire grates or fire pits in a developed recreation site; for example, in a campground where fees are charged. Visitors cannot operate a chainsaw without an approved spark arresting device, a fire extinguisher and round nosed shovel, do any blasting, welding, or operate acetylene or other torches. Visitors may not use open flame torches or use explosives, including fireworks or exploding targets. See the forest closure order for Stage 1 fire restrictions for a full list of prohibited acts and permitted activities.

Restrictions are enforceable by a fine or imprisonment of not more than six months or both. Forest visitors are responsible for ensuring they understand the restrictions. Learn about additional fire restrictions implemented by counties adjacent to Forest Service lands in Colorado here and Kansas here. Check out our interactive fire restrictions map, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @PSICCNF for the latest updates.

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