Riverside Communications, LLC signs agreement to purchase KLMR (AM) and KLMR-FM Radio

KLMR radio in Lamar, Colorado originally signed on the air as an AM radio station in December of 1948.  Nearly 28 years later, KLMR-FM was added and signed on the air in November of 1976.  Both stations were destroyed by a microburst in July of 2022 and 25/7 Media, Inc. subsequently elected to shut the stations down on September 20, 2022 and surrender the KLMR(AM) and KLMR-FM licenses.

In an unexpected turn of events, Riverside Communications, LLC has officially signed an agreement to purchase KLMR(AM) and KLMR-FM from 25-7 Media, Inc.  With the signing of the purchase agreement, Riverside Communications and 25-7 Media, Inc. are announcing their plans to formally file with the Federal Communications Commission to transfer ownership of 920 KLMR-AM and 93.5 KLMR-FM in Lamar from 25-7 Media, Inc. to Riverside Communications, LLC.

In a statement from Robert DeLancey, President of 25-7 Media, Inc, he wrote, “When 25-7 Media was formed to acquire KLMR-AM and FM as well as KBLJ and KTHN in LaJunta, we knew our work was cut out for us.  It included a substantial investment in all 4 stations with new equipment and studios as well as staff.  We welcomed the challenge and took it on head first.  After 4 years of hard work, we were finally seeing some return on our original investment!  Then the microburst happened.  It was a gut punch.  After researching the additional investments and costs to bring both KLMR signals back on the air, we simply couldn’t justify that expense.  I honestly didn’t have the energy to start over and do it all again.  I’m thankful that Riverside Communications came along with younger, more energetic, and experienced individuals like Dan and Kirk to get these legendary stations back on the air.  I wish them the best of luck!”

Kirk and Andrea Crespin

The newly formed Riverside Communications, LLC was created by Dan & Kathy Cochell and Kirk & Andrea Crespin in November of 2022, with the intention of bringing KLMR radio back to Southeastern Colorado.  With the signing of the purchase agreement, they have taken a major step in recovering the KLMR-FM and KLMR(AM) licenses as they work towards bringing both stations back on the air.

Many of our area residents may remember Dan Cochell as a former radio personality in Southeastern Colorado during the 1990’s.  Having worked in the Radio Industry for over 38 years, his expertise and knowledge will help rebuild KLMR Radio better than ever.  Dan and Kathy have been married for over 32 years.  Their children were born in Lamar, Colorado and as a family, they are excited to bring their knowledge and experience back to Lamar.  

Dan and Kathy Cochell

In speaking of the purchase of the stations, Riverside Communications General Manager, Dan Cochell stated, “In the summer of 2022 I was made aware of a weather-related situation that hit close to home. When a microburst destroyed my home in McClave Colorado in 1997 I knew the damage it could cause.  KLMR is a Heritage station, so when the opportunity presented itself to my family, I jumped at it.  I invited my brother-in-law, Kirk Crespin to form Riverside Communications LLC and purchase 920AM and 93.5 FM.  We are excited for the opportunity to bring KLMR back to Southeast Colorado. We are proud to be part of the community.  I think everyone will be excited when we launch the stations in early 2023.  We will have more information soon.”

Kirk & Andrea Crespin are known in our community for their various roles and community involvement.  Kirk is the IT Officer at Community State Bank and has been involved in our community through various groups since the early 90’s.  His main role for community involvement is currently as the Mayor of the City of Lamar.  Andrea moved to Lamar from Pueblo after their marriage in 2017.  She has worked at Prowers Medical Center in various capacities as a Registered Nurse while continuing her education.  Andrea is currently the newest Family Nurse Practitioner at Prowers Medical Center.

“KLMR Radio has been part of Southeastern Colorado for over a half-century, and we believe that the call letters of KLMR are far too important for our community and its history, to let go without a fight.  As we work to rebuild these two great stations, we will be making additional investments to help improve the sound, quality, and great programming for the future,” said Kirk Crespin.

The process to finalize the FCC Applications may take from 60 to 90 days to complete; however, planning and preparations have begun to bring both the KLMR(AM) and KLMR-FM stations back on the air in the Spring of 2023.

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