If you paint pictures, draw or take photographs, or create works of art in many mediums, it is your time to shine.  The Baca County Fair is fast approaching. It will be held from August 1 through August 6.  Entries for the Open Class exhibits, including Fine Arts, Photography, Fine Crafts, Crafts and Hobbies and Youth will be taken on Wednesday, August 3, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Minnick Building. They will be on display through Saturday, August 6, at 2:30 p.m.

There are several opportunities for you to display your creative masterpieces at the fair.  The Divisions to exhibit your creations are:  oil/acrylic paintings, pencil or ink drawings, pastel drawings, water color paintings, sculpture, senior art, photography, fine crafts and youth arts and crafts.  Fine crafts include jewelry, ceramics, weaving, wood, leather, and silversmithing. A secure display cabinet is used for the smaller fine crafts such as jewelry and silversmithing. The fair staff makes every effort to make sure your valuable art pieces are secure.

If you have created a masterpiece you are proud of, consider entering it in the Baca County Fair.  Not only does it enhance the Fair, it gives you a chance to show your friends and neighbors your creative side.  Select your best, because only two in each class can be exhibited.   Please check the Baca County Fair Book for classes. All work submitted must be your own and not have been previously exhibited at the Fair.

For both the Fine Arts, Photography and Fine Crafts divisions there are classes for professional and non-professional, advanced and beginners.  Professional are persons who have sold their art or photographs, who are self-taught for 15 or more adult years or who teach classes. Non-professional advanced are persons who have studied art or photography or have attended workshops, or are self-taught for 5 years and less than 15 years.  Non-professional beginners are persons who have painted or photographed or studied for 1-4 years.

As with any exhibit at the fair or any art show, there are rules for display. Rules can be found in the Fair Book. Proper preparation and display will make your art more pleasing to the judge and the viewers.  Be proud of your creation and frame and/or mat it properly to show it at its best.  Do not let your beautiful creation be excluded from the fair for not adhering to the rules.  The Fair personnel cannot prepare your entry for you. The rules are there for a reason. The art work and photographs are hung on peg boards with the metal peg board hooks.  If the work is not properly prepared for hanging, your creation could fall and become damaged.  A lot of people pass through the building and accidents can happen. They are less likely to happen if everything is properly prepared for hanging.  The Baca County Fair personnel are not responsible for damages due to falling or breaking. The deadline for entry time is 11:30 a.m.  The cutoff time will be enforced, because the staff must finish hanging the entries and preparing for judging.  Come with your entry ready to display.

All paintings, drawings, and prints must be framed for display with screw eyes and wire before being accepted.  They may not exceed 36 inches including the frame in any direction. Glass is not allowed, but Plexiglas may be used.  Mini paintings must not exceed 6 inches in any direction, not including the frame.

All photographs must be properly framed for display using screw eyes and wire attached for hanging or they may be matted and backed with heavy backing with holes punched in the top portion of the matting and heavy string or wire attached for hanging. No glass is allowed, but Plexiglas is acceptable. No glue or tape may be used to attach string.  It must be a heavy string and no ribbon or yarn is allowed.

In the youth division the photographs, paintings and drawings must be matted and have heavy backing with large binder clips for hanging and display purposes.  No frames or glass are permitted.

Please check the Baca County Fair Book for Divisions, Classes and the rules and come to the Fair with your creations and shine.  Remember, you may only exhibit two items in each class, so make sure you know the class that is appropriate for your exhibit.  You can find the Fair Book online at 2022 Baca County Fair book – Baca County Extension (  See you at the Fair!

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