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Baca County Fair Floriculture Show

Cut Flower Division 27A

Special Rules and Regulations:

1. Entries will be taken from 8:00-9:30 a.m. Friday, August 2, 2022 at the MINNICK BUILDING. Each exhibitor is required to pay a one-time $5 entry fee. No premiums will be given this year, just ribbons.

2. This department is open to junior, adult, and professional exhibitors. Only two (2) entries allowed per class. 

3. Specimens must be grown by the exhibitor.  HOUSE and OUTDOOR plants must have been owned three (3) months or more by the exhibitor.

4. The superintendents will not be responsible for containers, although reasonable care will be exercised.  Exhibit specimens in containers that are clear and of an appropriate size for the exhibit.

5. One (1) stem is required per exhibit unless otherwise stated.

6. Some good foliage may be left above the water line.

7. Judging points on flower exhibits:  Cultural perfection; distinction of species or variety; size according to species or variety, form, color, substance, and abundance of bloom; foliage and stem; and condition.

8. Champion and Reserve Champion exhibits will be determined arithmetically on a point basis:  1st place – 3 points; 2nd place – 2 points; 3rd place – 1 point.


1. Bells of Ireland – 3 stems

2. Black-eyed Susan – 3 stems

3. Butterfly Bush – 3 stems

4. Chrysanthemum – 3 stems

5. Coneflower – 1 stem

6. Cosmos – 3 stems

7. Coxcomb, crested/plumes – 1 stem

8. Dahlia, cactus – 1 stem

9. Dahlia, dinner plate – 1 stem

10. Dahlia, patio – 1 stem

11. Daisies – 3 stems

12. Gaillardia – 3 stems

13. Gladiola – 1 stem

14. Hollyhock, single/double – 1 stem

15. Marigold, large – 3 stems

16. Marigold, regular – 3 stems

17. Marigold, small – 3 stems

18. Misc. Cut Flowers, 1 variety – 3 stems

19. Naked Lady – 1 stem

20. Pansy – 1 stem

21. Petunia, double – 1 stem

22. Petunia, mini – 1 stem

23. Petunia, single – 1 stem

24. Phlox – 1 stem

25. Rose of Sharon – 3 stem

26. Rose, miniature – 1 stem

27. Rose, single, I.D.– 1 stem

28. Rose, spray type – 1 stem

29. Salvia – 1 stem

30. Snapdragon – 3 stems

31. Sunflower, cultivated – 1 stem

32. Verbena – 3 stems

33. Yarrow – 3 stems

34. Zinnia, Cactus – 1 stem

35. Zinnia, miniature – 3 stems

36. Zinnia, regular – 1 stem

37. 1 RED, 1 WHITE, 1 BLUE  (NO DYES)

38. Potted plants in foliage or bloom 

39. Potted succulent

40. Judges Choice of Class

Arrangement Division  27B

Special Rules and Regulations:

1. An arrangement is based upon good design using flowers/materials.  The arrangement should be 1 ½ times the height of the container or when using a low container the longest point is 1 ½ times the length of the container.

2. All arrangements must be made of fresh flowers, except for classes specifying dried arrangements or silk flowers.

3. Fresh flowers and dried arrangements need not be grown by the exhibitor and cannot be purchased commercially.

4. The following are considered in judging:  design; color combination; distinction and originality; relationship to container; and condition of flowers.

5. The superintendents will not be responsible for containers, although reasonable care will be exercised.

6. This division is open to juniors, adults, and professionals.  A professional is anyone who has engaged, or is currently engaged, in floral arranging for hire.


1. COTTAGE KITCHEN:  A fresh arrangement in or including a kitchen utensil.

2. FAIR THEME:  An arrangement using materials of your choice following the fair theme.

3. PURE and SIMPLE:  A miniature arrangement that must not be over 5 inches tall including the container!!

4. DUST BOWL:  A dried arrangement of Baca County grain and flowers that may include weathered wood, a tin cup, lantern, etc.

5. FAVORITE HOLIDAY:  Live or dried materials of your choice.

6. ALL AROUND – An arrangement that looks the same all around made from materials of your choice.

7. SCHOOL TIME:  An arrangement using at least one school item, a U.S. flag, and the student’s school colors.

8. COWBOY DAYS:  An arrangement using fresh flowers in a carved vegetable or ornamental gourd with a country flare.

9. SENIOR CITIZEN ARRANGEMENT:  Materials of your choice.

Wildflower Division  27C

Special Rules and Regulations:

1. This competition is to encourage people to recognize nature and its beauty in Baca County

2. There are many wildflowers available and growing in Baca County.  Take some time and explore these wonders.  It is interesting and educational.  

3. Exhibitors are not limited to number of entries.  The only limitation is that everything except the container must be considered wild.


1. Single wild sunflower with attached foliage.

2. Single miscellaneous wildflower with attached foliage.

3. Arrangement of roadside grasses and seed pods in natural state.

4. Arrangement of prairie wildflowers.

5. Potted Yucca or Cacti.

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