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2022 Baca County Fair Parade Lineup

Registration and Line up for the 2022 Baca County Fair Parade, Saturday, August 6th, can begin any time after 8:00 am around the City Park at 5th & Tipton Street.  This year all entries to be judged will need to register at the preschool, starting at 8:30.  The Parade starts at 10:00!  The parade route will be south on Tipton Street from 5th to 12th Street.  Everyone but the Kid’s Parade will return to the City Park.  Watch for your black and white signs at the corners of the blocks around the park and line up behind the signs.  Everything will pull out on to Tipton Street heading south.

We welcome you to participate—the more participation, the better the Parade! Parade Premiums will be paid as outlined in the Fair Book.  All floats must have the Fair Theme on BOTH SIDES of the Float, as well as the Organization’s Name on BOTH SIDES of the Vehicle (For the sake of the judges)!

NO CANDY THROWN FROM MOVING VEHICLES!  There will be no water balloons or water guns used by either participants or spectators.  Only parade participants WALKING the parade route will be allowed to hand out candy, tokens, treats—for the safety of all involved!

Kid’s Parade begins at 9:45, and registration & line-up is in FRONT of SP&CCC.  Kid’s Parade begins at 9:45.  Kids STAY BEHIND POLICE CAR.  Parents will need to pick their children up at 11th street.  Kid’s Parade just goes South—DOES NOT RETURN TO THE PARK.

COLORS:  5th & Tipton, Parade Marshal:  5th & Tipton, Miss Baca County & Royalty:  5th & Tipton in the Center lane, in order.  Commissioners and Politicians:  4th & Tipton-heading west, Approved Marching Groups/Bands:  5th & Tipton next to Park, Veterans:  Corner of 5th & Tipton headed west,  Adult Floats:  5th & Tipton heading west, Business Floats:  5th & Colorado-next to park, headed south. 4-H Floats-5th & Colorado, next to Baxter’s headed North, School Floats-5th & Tipton, Wilsons to Loflins headed West, Youth Floats-5th & Tipton @ Preschool headed South next to curb, Horses-3rd & Tipton headed South, Antique Cars-4th & Colorado, Main to Friend’s Church, Fire Trucks & Ambulances-5th & Tipton  heading East from preschool west to playground, Motorcycles & Stock Cars-Jr. High parking lot, Tractors & Machinery-5th Street in front of the high school. 

Have fun!  Enjoy the Parade!  Any Questions?  Ask Deb Sharpe, Parade Chairman.

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