Chapter Number:  X5182

City: Springfield, Colorado                                                                           

Xi Delta Iota

Date: November 1, 2021
Submitted By:  Dona Schnaufer

Marcella Swanson hosted the November meeting on Monday, November 1, 2021.  She served Sloppy Joe sandwiches, chips, and fresh veggies for dinner.

Present: Pam Masterson, Vicki Hall, Fae Suhler, Sara Rice, Marcella Swanson, Cheryl Webb, and Dona Schnaufer

Absent:  Dottie Thompson, Cecelia Deen, Shannon Gerber, Lynn Killinger, and Penni Morris

Members responded to roll call by sharing their favorite Thanksgiving dish.  Besides the traditional turkey and dressing, ladies mentioned cranberry salad and relish, baked oysters, and everything pumpkin. 

Recording Secretary Dona Schnaufer read the October minutes.  They were approved as read.

A thank-you note was read from Lynn for her “Send-Off” Party and for the traveling tote she received.  Dottie will send notes of thanks to those women who made donations at the auction.

No study of Invitation To Life or Pledge Training was conducted due to the absence of Shannon Gerber.  Cheryl noted that Pledge Training will be completed before the November Pledge Dinner.

Dona expressed her appreciation to the group for their help in the kitchen prior to the auction.  She especially thanked Cecelia, Sara, and Shannon for their help during the auction.  The Calendar Girls will meet at Fae’s on November 4, 2021 at 9:00.

It was decided that the auction will be counted as the October Social. The November Social is the Pledge Dinner scheduled for the 23rd at 6:00. It will be held at the Longhorn Restaurant and is being hosted by Eta Lambda.   Members were asked to RSVP one week in advance.  Marcy will give Pam of Eta Lambda a final count.  Shannon will complete the Pledge Ritual.

Sara will celebrate a special Day on November 21 and Vicki and Bill will celebrate their anniversary on December 20, 2021.  December birthdays to remember are for Cecelia on the 8th and for Sara on the 26th.

Cheryl shared the “Shining Moments” in the history of Beta Sigma Phi.  We learned of a few of the special moments of the thirties, from 1931-1937.  Included in these memorable moments was the initial conception of Beta Sigma Phi, camping in Marshdale, Colorado, climbing a high Utah mountain peak, to cruising across the equator and enjoying an activity-rich trip to Honolulu.  

The December meeting will be held at Pam’s on Monday, December 6, 2021.  She is switching with Lynn who is on leave of absence.  Ladies will bring one Christmas Ornament for roll call.  The program is the sharing of a favorite Christmas Story or Book. 

The Christmas Party will be held at Marcella’s on Friday, December 10 at 6:00, with Fae and Vicki assisting as hostesses.  They will decide the menus and let us know if there is something that we need to bring.  There was a reminder to bring the Secret Sister Gifts.

The cultural program was presented by Marcella Swanson.  Entitled, “Early Pilgrim’s Thanksgiving”, she reviewed the history of the holiday that we traditionally celebrate on the 4th Thursday of November.  The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 with the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Native Americans.  It was a celebration of the harvest, the first fall harvest for the colonists. She noted that giving thanks was a daily exercise of the Indians.  They gave thanks whenever they caught a fish, had a successful hunt or picked a plant.  They shared their knowledge of eatable plants, preparing and cooking foods native to the area.  Of the approximately 20 women who crossed over on the Mayflower, only four survived, so the Thanks giving meal was probably prepared primarily by the men and surviving women and children.  In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the final Thursday in November as the official national Thanksgiving holiday.  This year, we will give thanks on November 25th.

Sara brought the door prize, scented candles, which were won by Fae.

Members stood for the Closing Ritual, repeating the Mizpah.  Marcy served fruit pizza and fresh fruit for dessert.