Americans who have been to the grocery store lately or started their holiday shopping may have noticed that consumer prices have spiked.  According to PEW research  The annual rate of inflation in the United States hit 6.2% in October 2021, the highest in more than three decades, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Other inflation metrics also have shown significant increases in recent months, though not to the same extent as the CPI.

The fact is, the Herald is not immune to the times we’re living in right now. 

We have been able to shoulder multiple paper / printing increase for 2021 in order to shield our readers as much as possible. 

I am not going try and butter you up with fluffy excuses… and although it just plain stinks the long and the short is we are increasing our prices.

The rates for each of our categories is going up as follows:

Senior:  $33  to $43

In county $35 to $45

Out of county $37 to $47

Online access only $40

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